‘still life matters’

‘shed happens’

4 large (30″ x 32″) still life paintings inspired by a garden shed and its contents

DSCF3328                    DSCF3326

DSCF3329                   DSCF3327

Coming in from the bright summer sunshine, stepping into the gloom of the little shed that’s packed with tools, buckets, seed packets, mowers, shovels, hoes, beetles, bird’s nests, and more more more. How does it suddenly happen that this shed, which I’ve had for 12 years, has suddenly inspired 4 large paintings? Have a granddaughter. Then, let her step into new and fascinating places…like a tool shed. Her perfectly innocent reaction triggered my inspiration. At 18 months old, she stepped into the gloom of the shed that day and she exclaimed, “Thit Id amadzing!”  Her experience inspired me to see that, yes, this little barn interior is amazing. I tried to capture her experience, in some small way, on 4 large linen panels.